European democracy is permanently challenged.

Nowadays, citizens feel there is not enough space to interact with European politics and express their opinions.

European Democracy is at the core of what Call to Europe Conference aims to debate and address. The year 2017 marks the 7th iteration of FEPS annual conference under the title - “Democracy First!” – a unique platform that aims to bridge the gap and bring citizens closer to Europe by serving as a progressive hub where everyone can have their voices heard.

You will be at the centre of the most interactive and engaging debates about the Future of Europe, and together - with high-level progressive politicians, academics, experts, the media and representatives of civil society – you will shape Europe’s course for a better future by: 

-        Strengthening Democracy in the EU and the Member States

-        Re-writing the rules of the European Economy

These two dimensions will be analysed, debated and discussed in order to bring back the optimism and trust in Europe, its institutions and in progressives as the catalysts of change for a better, stronger and social Europe.