FEPS in partnership with S&D Group invite you to the 8th Call to Europe conference, the signature conference of FEPS and a reference point for the progressive family in Europe. The conference takes place right after the European elections, which is the perfect time to take stock of the election results, and to stimulate a debate on a progressive policy agenda for the coming years.

And this is needed. Many people wonder whether we can address big worldwide challenges, such as the digital revolution and global warming. They feel that the future is beyond their, or anyone’s control. Many citizens look at persistent inequalities, not least on gender, and ask themselves why our political system cannot overcome them.  

The inability of European democracy to deliver meaningful change on these topics is fuelling scepticism about our politics and politicians. Therefore, it is time for progress. It’s time to channel citizens’ concerns about digital rights, their outrage about the lack of action on climate change, and disappointment with persistent gender inequality into a positive agenda.

That is why this Call to Europe conference focuses on 4 strategic priorities that we believe will be important for social democrats to influence the next European Commission mandate and consequently, to pursue a progressive agenda that can improve the life of its citizens and re-build trust in the European Union as a political project. We need to:

  •        Deepen our democracies and promote a new European citizenship. Citizens should be able to genuinely influence the circumstances in which they live, together.
  •        Take action to achieve gender equality and empower women.  A century after women first gained the right to vote, they are still under-represented in politics and public life.
  •        Shape our digital future. Instead of accepting technologies and visions pushed by others, we can take conscious decisions to create a fair digital future, in which citizens are autonomous, prosperous and happy.
  •        Respond to climate change. Defend climate justice. The fight against global warming can only be won if the transition is just and addresses social, economic and environmental inequalities, together.

In sum, this year’s Call to Europe conference starts from the premise that our digital future is not just determined by technology, that climate change is not just about physics, and that your chances in life should not be conditioned by your gender. These are political issues, for which we need to find progressive policies.