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Call to Europe Conference has become the signature 2 day Brussels event of FEPS with around 200 participants and 60 speakers coming from across Europe and many other parts of the world. The format of the conference is designed to ensure maximum interactivity between the discussants, presenters and the audience with a different focus each year. The 2013 edition of the conference focused on Austerity and the question of how to build European solidarity around this important topic. More information about previous conferences, reports, presentations etc. can be found here.

The event involves many FEPS members and think tanks, thus constructs a real live debate between the citizens and policy makers with valuable outputs leading to future European projects with a strong, progressive approach.

Call To Europe III: 


Call to Europe III. Conference Contributions
How can the EU Federal Government spearhead an employment-led recovery? Economic Policy Brief No.1 2013
The way out of the crisis: An alternative to austerity, Economic Policy Brief No.3 2013
Progressive Politics after the Crash - Governing from the Left. In collaboration. Book edited by Olaf Cramme, Patrick Diamond and Michael McTernan.
- A Cautionary Tale. The true cost of austerity and inequality in Europe. Oxfam.

Call To Europe II: 


Strengthening the Africa-EU Partnership on Peace and Security: How to Engage African Regional Organizations and Civil Society

Call To Europe I:

Report on the conference