Since its first edition in 2011, Call to Europe has become the signature conference of FEPS and a reference point for the progressive family in Europe. This is due to its capacity of bringing together a unique multi-stakeholder community of progressive politicians, civil society and media to discuss issues of common concern and develop concrete and positive responses to contemporary European challenges in the most interactive and inclusive way.

The name Call to Europe stems from FEPS core mission of bridging the gap. It highlights the need for a dialogue between European citizens and the institutions that represent us all. The aim of this conversation is to ultimately bring us all closer together in defining and facing our shared challenges, as also in joining forces in shaping common paths for the future. Under this notion FEPS has always strived to offer a space that would help forging connections, interact with diverse audiences to forge innovative ideas and above all live by an ideal of an organisation helping to strengthen civic engagement and participation in democratic life.

Consequently, FEPS Call is to have a more Positive, Participatory and Progressive Europe.

In view of bringing about this vision of Europe, throughout 2018 FEPS Call to Europe conference travelled across a number of European cities and capitals. With the invaluable support of FEPS member foundations and partners we collected inspiring ideas across the EU member states on how to strengthen European democracy and empower the progressive movement ahead of and beyond the 2019 European elections.

Since the launch of Call to Europe:

  •        More than 23 debates took place across the continent
  •        More than 1 000 participants joined the discussions
  •        More than 50 opinion pieces have been written
  •        More than 25 000 web-hits were registered on the project website


Join us for Call to Europe VIII conference and be part of this inspiring journey: your voice, support and engagement will shape the future of Europe’s democracy and governance!